Chunklet 13th Anniversary Day 1 and 2 w/Patton Oswalt and Zach Galifianakis
plus Jon Wurster of Rocket From the Crypt/Superchunk

Day 1

So the 4 days started off with picking up Patton and going to the GSU radio station for an interview. Patton had to get up pretty early to be at the station and the college kids doing the interview had researched about 30 seconds worth of material so it was a horrible horrible interview.... this was taken just before Patton said cock, blowjob and fucking. On-air, with no delay.

Henry in the hall after the station dumped the interview and kicked us all out.

After the radio station Dave Willis had asked Patton to come to Adult Swim. Dave is a co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Squidbillies and does most of the voices for both shows, he wanted Patton to be Shakes retarded little brother and a squid messiah in Squidbillies. They showed us the first minute of the Aqua Teen movie in the photo above, then we went to the vocal room for Patton's voiceover work. It was pretty surreal hearing Dave feeding lines to Patton as Meatwad sitting next to us.

Patton Oswalt and David Willis co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force

After the Aqua Teen stuff, we dropped Patton off and disbanded till the show that night at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA. Elf Power was opening for Patton and Zach and requested Henry dress as one of his characters (Jon Jon the security guard, shown above). If you want to see what he says onstage here's a youtube link from the Mogwai show where Jon Jon was born. click here it's HILARIOUS

Patton and Zach before going on stage.

Day 2

So, the next day everyone left before me to go to Athens, a film crew was filming footage of Patton for a bonus disc of the next album. A magazine had asked me if i could shoot Mute Math at 11am befre i left to go to Athens. I am unfamiliar with the band, but they were very nice to being doing a shoot so early in the morning.

Mute Math

I met everyone in Athens at Barrie Buck's house where they were filming, different rooms would contain different things for the DVD. This room was "Patton's one man gay closet club"

After Barrie's House we went to a bowling alley to film for another part of the DVD...

We had been waiting for the next place all day... We went to a firing range. Patton and Henry fired a Thompson sub-machine gun, just like Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan, Henry made fun of me for pointing this out but fuck I love that movie.

We met up with Zach at the venue in Athens, GA, the 40 watt. These were taken just before he stripped down and put on a little Orphan Annie costume...

...shown here.

He lost his shirt during the performance.

This is Jon Wurster. Jon does a radio show called the Best Show on WFMU.
He came to introduce the comedians as 2-inch VW bus called Timmy von Trimble.
He also played drums in Superchunk and one Rocket From the Crypt album.
Which he informed me was their worst record, It was my 2nd favorite.
For more on the radioshow click here

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