Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle trip - part 1
Chicago & Los Angeles


I had planned on flying to LA and Seattle for a while in December 2006, but it was very near christmas time and have some close friends in Chicago. So it was a total surprise to all my Chicago friends besides one or two that I was flying there before going to Los Angeles and Seattle. Chicago has become a fairly easy city to visit, I think it's been 4 times (maybe 5) I've been there since June. Here's some lame random photos:

those were pretty boring, sorry.

flying from Chicago to Los Angeles


Hello, Los Angeles...

I arrived in LAX and it was crazy, Patton had gotten a driver for me so it was the whole guy holding a sign with my name on it like in movies and whatnot. The whole reason to go to LA was for the 2-day Comedians of Comedy shows at the Troubadour. All the main Comedians of Comedy plus tons of others were performing, it was really amazing. The only bad (well good too) part is I can't post any of the real photos I shot from the two days because theyre gonna be used in a possible DVD of the show and Patton's new album coming out in 2007.
But here's two photos that are horrible mess-ups you can see...

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross of Mr. Show

Zach, Posehn, Cross, Eugene way back, Patton in the
foreground, and a bunch of random people.

view from Henry's room, the Riot (Hyatt) Hotel


(I'm not going to lie... the only reason I took this photo is because I am obsessed with that new +44 album, it's so good)

Henry had a rental car so he showed me West Hollywood. He had been talking about Amoeba Records for a while, and as it does to everyone their first time, my mind was blown. I got tons and tons of used import singles that would be super expensive anywhere else, and a Nirvana/The Jesus Lizard split I had been wanting for a while.

After recording shopping, Henry and I met up with Blaine Capatch and went to a store called Wacko. Blaine performed on the first night of the Comedians of Comedy and is a writer for Mind of Mencia among tons of other things. As I am writing this, I just realized where I first saw Blaine on TV, he was the host of Beat the Geeks (remember!), the second host though not the first, wow did I really just type all of that.

inside Wacko and a bookstore around the corner from
Blaine's apartment, near the House of Pies

After hanging out with Blaine, Henry and I went over to Hydra Head Industries. Aaron and Mark were super nice and big ups to them for giving me amazing new HH records. If you have'nt heard the Clouds yet, just wait, too rad.

Henry, Aaron Tuner of ISIS, and Mark from Hydrahead

Mark and his dog Addy (Addie?)

I will have to say, if you're in West Hollywood.
Go to Astro Burger, just make sure and check your order before you leave.
Even if they screw it up, it's still better than other places.

alright seattle, you're part 2...

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