Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle trip - part 2
SEATTLE! (first half)

I've wanted to go to Seattle for a while. When I went on tour with Mastodon/Converge in September, I flew into Seattle to hop on the tour, but was only in town a few hours. The biggest of all thanks goes to Nat Damm of Akimbo. Nat lived close to my hotel and I didn't have a rental car so anytime I needed him he was there to help me out... AND! I really wanted to go to Kurt Cobain's house and the park across the street from it and Nat drove me all the way out there, so give it up for him... youll see his photo later on.

When I flew into Seattle it was 5pm December 14th, 2006. Seattle had one of their worst wind/thunderstorms ever at rush hour on December 14th, 2006. As soon as we got over the city the wind was crazy and the plane shook, dropped, tilted more than I thought it could. A million people were out of power the next day. After the landing there was a 45 minute wait for a taxi, since there was a Seattle Seahawks game going on at the same time along with all the bad weather, there just wasnt enough taxis for all the events involved.

After the horrible landing I didn't want to go anywhere at all but Nat called and I hadn't seen him since they played Chicago when I flew up there this summer. He came by and grabbed me and we went to the Cha-Cha club.

I love seafood and cities were shipping is a major part of the growth, so I went to the market about 3 times while I was there. It's amazing, Jason Elgin's (synchromesh) birthday was the Sunday before I would fly back, so on the last day I went and bought him 3 lbs. of Salmon from the Pike Place Fish Market, hopefully he is enjoying it.

Seattle has a ton of neon signs, I think it's great.

On Friday night, I went to see These Arms Are Snakes play. I hadn't seem them play for over a year when I booked them in Birmingham at Cave 9.

I had to do a photoshoot with Ryan from the Snakes for Guitar World. Here's two photos that weren't used, the one that did is hilarious though. I also had to do the same thing with Dave Knudson of Minus the Bear/Botch 3 days later.

These Arms Are Snakes

I was told Steve was cutting himself with glass on stage, I dunno though.
There's some blood nonetheless.

The next day I walked around before going over to Matt Bayless/Chris Common's recording studio. Matt (above) has recorded a lot of records I enjoy (Mastodon, ISIS, Botch, Playing Enemy, Norma Jean, etc.). Chris (below) plays drums for These Arms Are Snakes.

Chris was recording a girl that just signed to Sub Pop under the name Tiny Vipers. I went down to the studio to take some press photos of her. She was a very nice girl and the songs they were working on were amazing.

Tiny Vipers

That night, Steve from These Arms Are Snakes was having a dress-up cocktail party. I don't drink alcohol but it's always fun to hang out with bands I like alot. Nat picked me up earlier in the night and drove me around the outer parts of Seattle and to Kurt Cobain's house. Afterwards, we went over to Ben and Matt of Harkonen's house. They decided they would wear actual dresses to the party. Holy shit they're scary looking.

ok, so that's the end of the first half of the Seattle trip, there were so many photos I had to make a part 3...
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