Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle trip - part 3
SEATTLE! (second half)

The next day I had a photoshoot with a singer named Kristen Ward. After the shoot I went back to my room and Nat came to take me to Playing Enemy's practice space. Playing Enemy has been a band I've wanted to do photographs with all year but they mainly stay in the Northwest.

Playing Enemy's practice space

Playing Enemy




After doing these photos, Nat drove me over to his band's practice space to do some new Akimbo photos.


Nat, my hero of Seattle


I came back to the Hotel and my friend Erin came over to meet me. She and I walked around the Space Needle and to a few other random places before I crashed out from lack of sleep.


The next morning I was meeting up with Minus the Bear to do some new press photos and then photos of Dave for a Guitar World article.






Minus the Bear's practice space

After we were done with group stuff, we did Dave's Guitar World photos. I can't post those until they come out, but it was funny. Dave, took me to drop my film off for developing, then Nat took me back to pick it up and then to Fedex to overnight the Guitar World stuff. I really didn't do anything the rest of the night, however I have always heard of Sonic Boom records and so I wanted to go over and see it. I purchased the new Nirvana and Misson of Burma dvd's (useless info)...

The next morning I went to the fish market super early to pick up Elgin's fish birthday present (see "part 2"). I had an hour to kill before I went to the airport so I walked back up to the Space Needle.

The flight home was horrible, we flew through another storm on the way back to Birmingham. Not to mention having to fly to Phoenix and sit for a few hours and come back through the storm on a completely full flight.

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