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June 13th, 2008 - Vampire Weekend, Ciara, Paramore, Death Cab for Cutie, My Chemical Romance, Harlem Shakes and polaroids!

I will be with Against Me! on the following Warped Tour dates:
July 3rd - Dallas, TX
July 5th - Selma, TX
July 6th - Houston, TX
July 9th - Atlanta, GA

Hey! Well it's been forever since I've updated this and a ton has been going on. Unfortunately alot of the photos I've been shooting I'm not even allowed to post yet, but I snuck a few out for yall. When I put up the archive for early 2008 there will be a ton of unseen shots.

OH! and if you havent checked out Macbeth Footwear's site I got sponsored! Check it out: Big ups to Jimmy and Dan at Macbeth for hooking it up. If you're going to Warped Tour this year make sure and go by Macbeth's tent and say hello to the guys!

These polaroids were taken around Birmingham in April and May.


So ok this story is a two parter. In early April Death Cab for Cutie asked if I would come up and do some new press photos for their record 'Narrow Stairs', which is amazing please go buy it, and also some candid photos of them in their reherasal space. As I've said in my ramblings many times, Death Cab is my favorite band and them asking me to press photos in their hometown of Seattle was pretty much the most important thing personal-wise I have ever done. They were going to play a couple of songs and Walla record it and have me shoot photos and Lance Bangs film it. Some of the videos are up on MyspaceTV. There's a toooon of rehersal photos and press photos and I can't post 90% of them yet but here's a group shot and a couple of the space.

Death Cab for Cutie in Seattle, WA

So the second part of this is two weeks later I flew up to Providence, RI to see the guys play and once again msot of the photos arent postable yet (just wait till I put up te early 2008 archive and everything will be in there) but here's a couple

backstage, getting ready

just before the band went back out for encore


I went over and did some photos of Ciara in the recording studio for Giant Magazine
back in April, the issue hit newsstands last week. Go scope it!

Ciara in Atlanta, GA


My Chemical Romance at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL

My Chemical Romance played Birmingham in April and we shot a couple new press photos. Here's one, it's also inside the new issue of AP. A week after this show I flew up to Philadelphia, PA for their two sold out shows at the Electric Factory. The reason for flying up was Taking Back Sunday was surprising everyone and playing as main support both nights. We also shot new TBS photos with the brand new member, Matt Fazzi. The MCR photos from Birmingham and Philly will be coming out in a couple new merch items towards the end of the year.

Taking Back Sunday in Philadelphia, PA

Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday


Jeremy, Josh and Zac


We took some new Paramore photos in May for their headling tour this August. Here's one, above, below are some photos from March. Stroud's is a Franklin TN favorite for the BBQ and we ate it uppppp before the shoot


Yesterday Henry Owings and myself played a little whirlyball against Vampire Weekend along with the rest of Team Chunklet. After they received their predestined defeat we went to the show at the Variety Playhouse. Here's a couple before they go on stage and a couple live.

Vampire Weekend in Atlanta, GA

Vampire Weekend's Whirlyball team, minus Roth, plus Andre

Harlem Shakes opened for Vampire Weekend

March 31st, 2008 - Underoath studio, Paramore in Birmingham, the Color Fred, on tour Against Me!, Harvey Milk, Conditions, and Ill Patriot


Heyyyyy. Here's a ton of new photos!







The Color Fred
(Fred Mascherino ex-Taking Back Sunday)


Harvey Milk




Ill Patriot

March 8th, 2008 - Look Mexico, Fake Problems, Pelican, As I Lay Dying, Paramore videoshoot


Hey Guys. Here's some new photos from last week of Look Mexico, Fake Problems, and Pelican, if you havent heard any of them yet you should definitely go check it out. Also, put up a couple of the As I Lay Dying ones from back in January in San Diego. Last weekend was the Paramore videoshoot for 'Thats What You Get', I did a ton of behind the scenes photos and then after the video wrapped we took a couple hours and did some new press shots too. Those will be coming soon.

Look Mexico

Fake Problems


As I Lay Dying

February 21st, 2008 -
Henry Rollins, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, MYSPACE


Here's a couple new photos. Some of Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World from when I was on tour with Against Me! (the AM! ones will be posted later) and a backstage shot of Henry Rollins that spoke in Birmingham on Tuesday. I can't post any details yet, but there's some crazy shows/tours I will be on in the next two months, plus something else ultra rad! Hey look above, I have a new myspace page so you should add it if you were on the old one, you should especially add it if you werent on the old one.

Henry Rollins of Black Flag

Foo Fighters

Jimmy Eat World

January 11th, 2008 -
San Diego Trip

on tour w/ Against Me! (Foo Fighers/Jimmy Eat World tour):
January 19th - Birmingham, Alabama at BJCC Arena
January 20th - Pensacola, Florida at Pensacola Civic Center
January 22th - Houston, Texas at Toyota Center
January 23rd - Dallas, Texas at American Airlines Center
January 24th - Little Rock, Arkansas at Juanita’s (only AM!)
January 25th - Memphis, Tennessee at FedEx Forum
January 26th - Nashville, Tennessee - Municipal Auditorium

Hey I went out to San Diego for a couple days to do press photos of Destroy the Runner and As I Lay Dying (be patient for the AILD ones).

San Diego

Josh Gilbert of As I Lay Dying
(aka nicest dude from Birmingham)


the next day on the way to do photos...

I had never seen a Pacific Ocean beach or anything, so before I flew out I drove to Sunset Cliffs.

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